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property CustomHint: TCustomHint read GetCustomHint write SetCustomHint;


__property Vcl::Controls::TCustomHint* CustomHint = {read=GetCustomHint, write=SetCustomHint};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.ExtCtrls TEditButton


Custom hint for an edit button.

The CustomHint property is of type TCustomHint and can be used to specify the appearance of the edit button's hint. Custom hints behave just like hints, reacting to a mouse-over.

To display a custom hint for an edit button you must:

Place a TCustomHint, such as a TBalloonHint on the form and enter it as the edit button's CustomHint property.

Place a TImageList on the form, populate it and use it for the TCustomHint Images property.

Set the TEditButton Hint property in the following manner to specify text to be used in the CustomHint box. Set values separated by a | character (the vertical bar "or" symbol). For example,

Edit1.Hint := 'Enter Name|Enter full name in the edit box|1';

Edit1->Hint = "Enter Name|Enter full name in the edit box|1";

The "Enter Name" part is the short hint and appears at the top of the custom hint box. "Enter full name in the edit box" is the long hint and appears below the short hint. "1" is an image index into the Images property of the edit button and specifies which image to use in the custom hint. The Hint property must contain an image index for the CustomHint to appear.

Set the owner's ShowHint property to true.

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