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function ForceDirectories(const Dir: string): Boolean;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public Vcl.FileCtrl.pas Vcl.FileCtrl Vcl.FileCtrl


Warning: ForceDirectories is deprecated. Please use System.SysUtils.

Creates a new directory, including the creation of parent directories as needed.

ForceDirectories creates a new directory as specified in Dir, which must be a fully-qualified path name. If the directories given in the path do not yet exist, ForceDirectories attempts to create them.

ForceDirectories returns true if it successfully creates all necessary directories, false if it could not create a needed directory.

Warning: Important:Do not call ForceDirectories with an empty string. Doing so causes ForceDirectories to raise an exception.

Note: The FileCtrl unit (Windows only) also contains a ForceDirectories function. However, the FileCtrl version is deprecated, and the SysUtils version preferred.

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