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procedure ApplyFilePath (const EditText: string); virtual;


virtual void __fastcall ApplyFilePath(const System::UnicodeString EditText);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Vcl.FileCtrl TFileListBox


Updates the file list box to represent a fully qualified file name.

Call ApplyFilePath to change the Directory, Drive, FileName, and Mask properties so that they match the values implied by the EditText parameter. For example, if an edit control is linked to the file list box using the FileEdit property, call ApplyFilePath from the OnChange event handler of the edit control to update the file list box whenever the user types a value in the edit control.

ApplyFilePath updates the Mask property only if the EditText parameter includes wildcards. If the form contains a TDirectoryListBox object that specifies this file list box object in its FileList property, the Directory and Drive properties of the directory list box object are updated as well. If the form also includes a TDriveComboBox object that specifies the directory list box in its DirList property, the Drive property of the drive combo box will also be updated. However, the Mask property of any TFilterComboBox will not be updated.

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