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property FileType: TFileType read FFileType write SetFileType default [ftNormal];


__property TFileType FileType = {read=FFileType, write=SetFileType, default=64};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.FileCtrl TFileListBox


Determines which files are displayed in the file list box based on the attributes of the files.

Set FileType to the type of files the list box should display. FileType can specify more than one type of file. For example, if the value of FileType is a set containing the values ftReadOnly and ftHidden, files that have either the read-only or the hidden attributes are displayed in the list box.

To set the FileType property using the Object Inspector, click the FileType property to see the attribute values. Then set each value to True or False true or false to specify whether it is included in the FileType set.

Note: The files that are listed can also be limited by the form of their names. To restrict the files to particular names, use the Mask property or include a TFilterComboBox on the form.

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