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TSelectDirOpt = (sdAllowCreate, sdPerformCreate, sdPrompt);


enum DECLSPEC_DENUM TSelectDirOpt : unsigned char { sdAllowCreate, sdPerformCreate, sdPrompt };


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
enum public
Vcl.FileCtrl Vcl.FileCtrl


TSelectDirOpt and TSelectDirOpts determine how a Select Directory dialog responds when the user enters a nonexistent directory.

The following table lists the possible values that can be added to the set of options:

Value Meaning


An edit box that allows you to type in the name of a directory that does not exist. This option does not create a directory. The application must read the name of the selected directory and create it if desired.


Use it only in combination with sdAllowCreate. If you enter a directory name that does not exist, the Select Directory dialog creates it.


Use it only in combination with sdAllowCreate. Displays a message box that informs you when the entered directory does not exist and asks if the directory should be created. If you click OK and if the option set includes sdPerformCreate, then the directory is created. If the option set does not include sdPerformCreate, the directory is not created. The application must read the directory name and create it.

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