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property Increment: TScrollBarInc read FIncrement write FIncrement stored IsIncrementStored default 8;


__property TScrollBarInc Increment = {read=FIncrement, write=FIncrement, stored=IsIncrementStored, default=8};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.Forms TControlScrollBar


Determines how far the display moves when the user clicks one of the small end arrows on the scroll bar.

Use Increment to control how the scroll bar affects the scrollable region of the control. If Increment is set to 1, each click scrolls by one position; if Increment is set to 2, each click scrolls by two positions; and so forth.

Note: Do not use the Increment property when Smooth is set to true. When Smooth is true, every time the range or visibility of the scroll bar changes, the value of Increment is dynamically recomputed.

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