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property WindowMenu: TMenuItem read FWindowMenu write SetWindowMenu stored IsForm;


__property Vcl::Menus::TMenuItem* WindowMenu = {read=FWindowMenu, write=SetWindowMenu, stored=IsForm};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.Forms TCustomForm


Specifies the Window menu for an MDI parent form.

Use WindowMenu to get or set the Window menu for an MDI parent form. The Window menu is a standard menu in MDI applications. It contains commands that let the user manage the windows in the application. Menu items usually include Cascade, Arrange Icons, Tile, and so on.

The Window menu also lists (at the bottom) the child windows that are currently open in the application. When the user selects one of these windows from the menu, the window becomes the active window in the application.

Although this menu is commonly called the Window menu, it can have any name that corresponds to an existing menu item on the menu bar. The names of open child forms are merged onto the menu automatically at run-time.

WindowMenu is meaningful only if the form is an MDI parent (that is, if the form's FormStyle property is set to fsMDIForm).

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