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Enables you to define jump lists for your VCL applications.

TJumpList is the main component of the unit. Use this component to add a jump list to your application. The documentation of the component shows how to use jump lists.

Package vcl.bpl


EJumpListExceptionException that may be raised during an update of the jump list of your application.
EJumpListItemExceptionException that may be raised while you use jump lists.
TCustomJumpListBase class for components that provide support for Windows Jump Lists, such as TJumpList.
TJumpCategoriesCollection of categories.
TJumpCategoryItemRepresents a jump list custom category.
TJumpListComponent that provides support for Windows Jump Lists.
TJumpListCollectionCollection of jump list items.
TJumpListItemItem of a jump list.


TCreatingListErrorEventType of event handler for the TCustomJumpList.OnListUpdateError event.
TItemDeletedByUserEventType of event handler for the TCustomJumpList.OnItemDeleted event.