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property AutoLineReduction: TMenuItemAutoFlag read FAutoLineReduction write SetAutoLineReduction default maParent;


__property TMenuItemAutoFlag AutoLineReduction = {read=FAutoLineReduction, write=SetAutoLineReduction, default=2};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.Menus TMenuItem


Determines whether redundant separator bars are automatically removed from the submenu.

Set AutoLineReduction to indicate whether the menu item should automatically ensure that the submenu defined by its Items property does not start or end with a separator bar and that two separator bars do not appear next to each other. This ensures that menus built dynamically at run time do not have separator bars in undesired positions.

Before the menu is displayed, the menu item removes superfluous separator bars if AutoLineReduction is maAutomatic or AutoLineReduction is maParent and the parent menu item removes superfluous separator bars. Otherwise, the menu item does not remove separators from the Items property, but may remove superfluous separators from submenus, depending on the AutoLineReduction property of the menu item that is the parent of the submenu.

Note: When AutoLineReduction disallows automatic removal of separator bars, an application can still remove superfluous separators by calling the RethinkLines method. AutoLineReduction merely controls whether this adjustment occurs automatically.

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