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Package vclribbon.bpl


IRibbonBarKeyTipAction bars that support KeyTips should implement this interface.
IRibbonContainedControlInterface implemented by controls used as containers for displaying other controls.
IRibbonControlInterface implemented by controls visible in ribbon groups.
IRibbonGroupDropdownInterface implemented by controls that have a group drop-down.
IRibbonKeyTipCommands with a KeyTip should implement this interface.
IRibbonSplitButtonInterface implemented by controls that have a split button.
TCustomRibbonComboBoxBase class for TRibbonComboBox control.
TKeyTipListKeyTip list.
TKeyTipListEnumeratorKeyTipList enumerator.
TKeyTipMatchItemThis class offers details about full and partial KeyTip matches.
TKeyTipValidatorStatic class used to validate a KeyTip.
TRibbonAddRemoveItemClass for customizing ribbon action bands.
TRibbonApplicationButtonClass for the ribbon application button.
TRibbonApplicationMenuButtonRepresents an application button when using the Ribbon interface.
TRibbonApplicationMenuItemCommon ancestor for application main menu items.
TRibbonBaseButtonControlCommon ancestor for many buttons that appear in groups and on the Quick Access Toolbar.
TRibbonCheckBoxControlTRibbonCheckBoxControl represents a check box that can be on (selected) or off (unselected).
TRibbonComboBoxTRibbonComboBox combines an edit box with a scrollable list.
TRibbonComboBoxItemControl type used to display items associated with a TRibbonComboBox.
TRibbonComboControlControl type used in TRibbonComboBox.
TRibbonCustomControlClass used to parent any other control types on the ribbon.
TRibbonCustomizeItemClass for the Quick Access Toolbar customization drop-down menu.
TRibbonCustomStatusControlClass for internal use.
TRibbonDropDownButtonButton with a drop-down content.
TRibbonGalleryClass for internal use in the gallery control.
TRibbonGalleryControlGallery control class.
TRibbonGalleryControlMenuItemRepresents a menu item for a gallery control.
TRibbonGalleryItemGallery control item.
TRibbonGalleryMenuItemItem for drop-down menu.
TRibbonGallerySplitButtonClass used for buttons with a gallery in the drop-down menu.
TRibbonGripItemGripper used to resize pop-up menus.
TRibbonGroupDropDownDisplays the entire group as a drop-down menu in the Quick Access Toolbar.
TRibbonLargeButtonControlClass for a common ribbon large button control.
TRibbonLargeSplitButtonLarge button with two separated areas.
TRibbonMainMenuItemMenu item for the application main menu.
TRibbonMainMenuSeparatorSeparator element in the main menu.
TRibbonMenuItemCommon ancestor for many menu items.
TRibbonMenuSeparatorItemSeparator element between menu items.
TRibbonMenuSmallButtonControlCommon descendant for other buttons.
TRibbonOptionButtonControlControl type used to display buttons at the bottom of the application menu.
TRibbonQATScrollButtonScroll button for TRibbonQuickAccessToolbar.
TRibbonRadioButtonControlClass for a ribbon radio button.
TRibbonRecentButtonControlControl type used to display items in the Recent Items list of the application menu.
TRibbonRichContentItemRichContent item used in the application menu.
TRibbonRichContentMainMenuItemRichContent item used in the application main menu.
TRibbonSeparatorSeparator element between groups of items in groups, toolbars, or drop-down elements.
TRibbonSmallButtonControlClass for common ribbon small button controls.
TRibbonSmallSplitButtonSmall button with two separated areas.
TRibbonSpinButtonTRibbonSpinButton is used in TRibbonSpinEdit.
TRibbonSpinEditTRibbonSpinEdit combines an edit box with a TRibbonSpinButton.
TRibbonSplitMenuItemMenu item with two separated areas.
TRibbonStyleMenuButtonUsed as a top-level menu in applications that do not use a ribbon interface, but want to employ ribbon styles.
TRibbonTextControlClass for common text control.
TRibbonToolScrollButtonButton used to scroll menu items when they do not fit in one area.
TTimerSpeedButtonA TTimerSpeedButton is used in a TRibbonSpinEdit button.


DrawLineDrawLine draws a line on a Ribbon component.
IsLeftMouseButtonPressedChecks if the left mouse button is pressed.
ShowKeyTipShow KeyTip for control.


TKeyTipHandledValidates that the command's KeyTip matches the current user input.
TKeyTipMatchTypeThe type of match for the current KeyTip's command.
TKeyTipPositionPosition of a KeyTip.
TKeyTipStateCurrent state of the KeyTips.
TNumGlyphsSpecifies the number of images included in the Glyph property.
TQATScrollModeSpecifies which button should be displayed in the Quick Access Toolbar.
TSpinButtonStyleSpecifies the style of a TTimerSpeedButton.
TTimeBtnStateSpecifies the TTimerSpeedButton's state.