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Package vclribbon.bpl


TAlphaBitmapSet AlphaFormat property to afDefined.
TCustomRibbonSkinLoad resources from file or application.
TCustomRibbonSkinClassTCustomRibbonSkinClass defines the metaclass for TCustomRibbonSkin.
TRibbonStyleActionBarsRibbon style for TRibbon objects.


TRibbonElementElements of Ribbon that need to be skinned.
TSkinApplicationMenuIndividual skinned items of Application Menu.
TSkinButtonIndividual skinned items of Button.
TSkinComboBoxIndividual skinned items of Combo.
TSkinFormIndividual skinned items of Form.
TSkinGalleryIndividual skinned items of Gallery.
TSkinMenuIndividual skinned items of Menu.
TSkinQuickAccessToolbarIndividual skinned items of Quick Access Toolbar.
TSkinRibbonIndividual skinned items of Ribbon.
TSkinRibbonGroupIndividual skinned items of Group.
TSkinScrollBarIndividual skinned items of ScrollBar.
TSkinSpinEditIndividual skinned items of Spinner.
TSkinStatusBarIndividual skinned items of Status Bar.
TSkinTabIndividual skinned items of Tab.