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TSearchReplace = class(TSearchAction)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TSearchReplace : public TSearchAction


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.StdActns Vcl.StdActns


TSearchReplace is the standard action for displaying a find-and-replace dialog.

Add TSearchReplace to an action list to add a modeless find-and-replace dialog to your application. Controls such as menu items and tool buttons linked to this action cause the application to display the find-and-replace dialog or bring it to the fore.

TSearchReplace is designed to work with an edit control (TCustomEdit descendant) as a target. It automatically disables itself if the active control in a form is not an edit control.

Search/replace actions represent a modeless dialog. As a result, the OnAccept event occurs not when the user exits the dialog, but when the dialog first appears or comes into focus. When the user directs the dialog to replace one or all instances of a string, TSearchReplace automatically performs the search and replaces the specified text in the target edit control.

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