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Defines controls that mimic the Windows 10 behaviour. Among these controls are: TRelativePanel, TSplitView and TToggleSwitch.

Even though these controls are meant for Windows 10, they are compatible with all Windows versions.

Package vclwinx.bpl


ERelativePanelExceptionThe exception type for TRelativePanel exceptions.
TActivityIndicatorAn animated rotating display indicating that the application is performing some activity.
TCustomActivityIndicatorThe base class for TActivityIndicator.
TCustomRelativePanelThe base class for TRelativePanel.
TCustomSplitViewThe base class for TSplitView.
TCustomToggleSwitchThe base class for TToggleSwitch.
TRelativePanelA container control that allows you to position child controls relative to the panel itself or relative to other child controls of this panel.
TRelativePanelControlCollectionA collection of TRelativePanelControlItem.
TRelativePanelControlItemA reference to a child control of a relative panel.
TSearchBoxAn implementation of the Edit control with an embedded button.
TSearchBoxStyleHookControl message handler.
TSplitViewA container for other controls that can be opened and closed..
TToggleSwitchA clickable control that allows a user to toggle between an On state and an Off state.
TToggleSwitchActionLinkInternal class used to connect an action to a TToggleSwitch.
TToggleSwitchActionLinkClassClass of TToggleSwitchActionLink.
TToggleSwitchStateCaptionsThe class that handles the caption text for a toggle switch.


TActivityIndicatorColorThe color of the activity indicator.
TActivityIndicatorSizeThe size of the activity indicator.
TActivityIndicatorTypeThe type of the activity indicator.
TSearchBoxIndicatorThe type of the icon that the search box uses.
TSplitViewCloseStyleThe appearance of the control when closed.
TSplitViewDisplayModeSpecifies how the split view appears when opened.
TSplitViewPlacementThe position of the split view on the form.
TSplitViewStateThe current state of the split view.
TToggleSwitchStateThe state of a toggle switch.


DefaultActivityIndicatorFrameDelayDefaultActivityIndicatorFrameDelay: Integer = $32;
DefaultSearchButtonWidthDefaultSearchButtonWidth: Integer = $18;
DefaultSplitViewAnimationDelayDefaultSplitViewAnimationDelay: Integer = $F;
DefaultSplitViewAnimationStepDefaultSplitViewAnimationStep: Integer = $14;
DefaultSplitViewCompactWidthDefaultSplitViewCompactWidth: Integer = $32;
DefaultSplitViewOpenedWidthDefaultSplitViewOpenedWidth: Integer = $C8;
DefaultSwitchHeightDefaultSwitchHeight: Integer = $14;
DefaultSwitchThumbWidthDefaultSwitchThumbWidth: Integer = $F;
DefaultSwitchWidthDefaultSwitchWidth: Integer = $32;
DefaultToggleSwitchDisabledColorDefaultToggleSwitchDisabledColor: Integer = $FF000010;
DefaultToggleSwitchFrameColorDefaultToggleSwitchFrameColor: Integer = $FF000008;
DefaultToggleSwitchHeightDefaultToggleSwitchHeight: Integer = $32;
DefaultToggleSwitchThumbColorDefaultToggleSwitchThumbColor: Integer = $FF000008;
DefaultToggleSwitchTrackColorDefaultToggleSwitchTrackColor: Integer = $FF000005;
DefaultToggleSwitchWidthDefaultToggleSwitchWidth: Integer = $50;