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function GetFiles: TAbstractWebRequestFiles; virtual; abstract;


virtual TAbstractWebRequestFiles* __fastcall GetFiles() = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Web.HTTPApp TAbstractContentParser


Returns a set of uploaded files that the parser extracts from the current Web request.

GetFiles returns a list of Web request file objects, each of which represents an uploaded file from the current Web request. Each Web request file object has properties to describe an uploaded file, including a stream object from which to read the content of the uploaded file.

In TAbstractContentParser, GetFiles is abstract or, in C++ terminology, pure virtual, meaning that this class does not supply an implementation. Descendant classes override this method to extract uploaded files from the current request and add them to the Web request files object.

Note: The content parser owns the list it returns. The caller should not free this list.

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