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property HTMLDoc: TStrings read FHTMLDoc write SetHTMLDoc;


__property System::Classes::TStrings* HTMLDoc = {read=FHTMLDoc, write=SetHTMLDoc};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Web.HTTPProd TCustomPageProducer


Specifies the HTML template used to generate the value returned by the Content method.

Set HTMLDoc to a set of strings that make up the HTML template. Each string is a sequence of one or more HTML commands or HTML-transparent tags. An HTML-transparent tag has the form

<#TagName Param1=Value1 Param2=Value2 ...>

A pound sign (#) immediately follows the opening angle bracket (<) with no spaces separating it from the angle bracket. The pound sign identifies the string to the page producer as an HTML-transparent tag. The tag name immediately follows the pound sign with no spaces separating it from the pound sign. The page producer converts the entire HTML-transparent tag into true HTML commands based on the value of the tag name. Following the tag name, the HTML-transparent tag can optionally include parameters that specify details of the conversion to be performed. Each parameter is of the form ParamName=Value, where there is no space between the parameter name, the equals symbol (=) and the value. Each parameter is delimited by a white space.

The angle brackets (< >) make the tag transparent to HTML browsers that do not recognize the #TagName construct.

Note: Setting HTMLDoc clears the HTMLFile property.

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