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Alphabetical list of unit scopes, along with miscellaneous units that have no unit scope.

Unit Scopes

BdeBde is the unit scope for the two Borland Database Engine (BDE) units. Note that BDE is deprecated. Please use newer database technologies, such as dBExpress and DataSnap.
DataUnit scope for all database, database data-binding, and cloud computing related functionality.
DatasnapDatasnap is the unit scope for all units that implement DataSnap functionality such as authentication, DataSnap servers, DataSnap REST clients, DataSnap proxies, HTTP layer, Midas, and related services.
FireDACFireDAC is a unique set of Universal Data Access Components for developing cross-platform database applications for Delphi,and C++Builder. With its powerful common architecture, FireDAC enables native high-speed direct access from Delphi to Interbase, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere, Access, Firebird, Informix and more. For an overview and examples, see the FireDAC topics.
FMXFMX is the unit scope that contains the units and unit scopes of the FireMonkey application platform (FMX).
SoapSimple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) units, typically used for Web Services development. We suggest that you consider using DataSnap technology.
SystemContains the Delphi run-time library (RTL) units, classes, functions, types, variables, and constants. Also contains the System.Bindings, System.Generics, and System.Win unit scopes. Note that the System unit scope and the System unit are the same. See Delphi Intrinsic Routines for a list of Delphi-only intrinsic routines that are exposed by the System unit.
VclVcl is the unit scope for the Visual Component Library (VCL).
WebProvides access to development tools for Web-based applications, such as Web.CGIApp, Web.WebFileDispatcher, Web.WebBroker, Web.DBWeb, and Web.HTTPApp.IWebAppServices.
WinapiProvides access to Win32 functionality. The units listed here are only a small part of the Winapi units provided in RAD Studio. For a full list of supported functionality, see the Winapi source files in the product installation directory folder (that is, either lib/win32 or lib/win64). For further help on the Winapi, see the MSDN online library


ActnResDefines the single ActnRes.TStandardActions class, whose fields (such as EditCopy1) store instances of standard actions (like Vcl.StdActns.TEditCopy). These instances store the specified default titles, shortcuts, and other properties of standard actions. These values are used as the default property values when a new standard action is created in the Action List editor or Action Manager editor.
DesignEditorsDefines the interfaces and classes used by the property editors in the IDE.

To use the DesignIntf and DesignEditors units with Delphi, you need to add –LUDesignIDE to the Compiler options:

  1. In the Project Options dialog box, under Delphi Compiler, click Compiling.
  2. In the Other options section, next to Additional options to pass to the compiler, enter –LUDesignIDE

With C++, you need to ensure that $(BDS)\include\windows\vcl\design is added to the INCLUDE path, and that designide.bpi is added to the Requires of your package.

For more information, see the comments in the source; the DesignEditors.pas source file is liberally commented.
DesignIntfDesignIntf defines the interfaces and classes used by the property editors in the IDE. RAD Studio gives you the chance to use DesignIntf from a package or a DLL source. Below you can find the best approach to use it in both cases.
DSAzureDefines the API used in Microsoft Azure Blob API, Microsoft Azure Queue API, and Microsoft Azure Table API.
PlatformAPIThe PlatformAPI unit provides interfaces to interact with and control RAD Studio aspects related to target platforms and devices.
SHDocVwDefines API for the Microsoft Shell Doc Object and Control Library (SHDOCVW.DLL).
SimpleDSDefines two classes that enable you to work with simple datasets.

System initialization unit. Contains the delay load mechanism, for example.