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Package fmx250.bpl


EWebManagerExceptionException class for TWebBrowser.
ICustomBrowserICustomBrowser is the interface for objects that use web services.
IFMXWBServicePlatform service that manages instances of TWebBrowser.
TCustomWebBrowserTCustomWebBrowser is the base class for browser objects.
TWBFactoryServiceTWBFactoryService defines the native manager of web browser objects.
TWebBrowserTWebBrowser defines a web browser.


TWebBrowserDidFailLoadWithErrorTWebBrowserDidFailLoadWithError is used for the OnDidFailLoadWithError event of the web browser.
TWebBrowserDidFinishLoadTWebBrowserDidFinishLoad is used for the OnDidFinishLoad event of the web browser.
TWebBrowserDidStartLoadTWebBrowserDidStartLoad is used for the OnDidStartLoad event of the web browser.
TWebBrowserShouldStartLoadWithRequestTWebBrowserShouldStartLoadWithRequest is used for the OnShouldStartLoadWithRequest event of the web browser.

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