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A remote path item specifies a group of files located on a remote system. When working with multi-device applications for macOS or iOS devices, an SDK consists of a group of remote path items and the files those items refer to. Those files are copied from the Mac into your development system, so that you can build applications for the target platform locally.

To add a remote path item, you need to specify the remote path, a file mask, and other details.

After you change your path items, to update the SDK file cache, press Update Local File Cache, and select a profile on the dialog box displayed. The Platform Assistant referenced by the connection profile copies then the remote files into your development system.

Invoking this Dialog Box

To invoke this dialog box, go to Tools > Options > Deployment > SDK Manager, and do either of the following:

  • Click New.png (Add a new path item).
  • Select a path item and click EditPathItem.png (Edit the selected path item).

Dialog Box Description

The Add Remote Path Item and Edit Remote Path Item dialogs are similar.

Item Description

Path on remote machine

The path you are adding to the list of SDK paths. Use the directory notation of the target system.

For example, these are remote paths for the macOS platform:


File mask

The caption of this combo box changes according to the selection in the Path type field:

  • File mask appears when any path type other than Framework is selected.
  • Framework name appears when "Framework" is selected.

Is one of the following:

  • The file or framework name, which matches a single file or framework.
  • The * (asterisk) wildcard, which matches all files or frameworks in the specified directory.

Path type

The platform-specific path type of the path item you are adding or editing. Choose from:

Include path

Specifies that the path is an include path (will be passed to the compiler with the --sysinc flag).

Library path

Specifies that the path is a library path (will be passed to the linker with the --syslib flag).


(Mac only) Specifies that the path being added to the SDK is a software framework such as Carbon or CoreFoundation.

Other path

Specifies that the path is to be added to the SDK without being passed to the compiler or linker. You can, however, pass the path to the compiler or linker in other ways.

Include subdirectories
Include non-essential framework files

The caption of this option changes according to the current selection in the Path type field:

  • Include subdirectories appears when a path type other than "Framework" is selected. Specifies whether the path that you are creating includes subdirectories or only the specified directory.
  • Include non-essential framework files appears when the path type is "Framework". Specifies:
    • When this option is unchecked, only headers and dylibs for the framework and any subframeworks are pulled.
    • When this option is checked, all other subdirectories are also pulled (documentation, resources, and so forth).

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