Creating a Property Page for an ActiveX Control

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A property page is a dialog box similar to the Delphi Object Inspector in which users can change the properties of an ActiveX control. A property page dialog allows you to group many properties for a control together to be edited at once. Or, you can provide a dialog box for more complex properties.

Typically, users access the property page by right-clicking the ActiveX control and choosing Properties.

The process of creating a property page is similar to creating a form, you:

  1. Creating a New Property Page.
  2. Adding Controls to a Property Page.
  3. Associate the controls the property page with the properties of an ActiveX control.
  4. Connect the property page to the ActiveX control.

Note: When adding properties to an ActiveX control or ActiveForm, you must publish the properties that you want to persist. If they are not published in the underlying VCL control, you must make a custom descendant of the VCL control that redeclares the properties as published and then create an ActiveX control from the descendent class.