DCCOSX.EXE, the Delphi Compiler for macOS

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DCCOSX.EXE is the command-line interface for DCCOSX, the Delphi compiler for macOS.

Options Not Supported by DCCOSX.EXE

The DCCOSX.EXE compiler does not support the PE header options (for Windows) that DCC32.EXE supports.

The PE header options (specified in the Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Linking dialog box) include, among others, the following options:

  • peflags:<flags>
  • peoptflags:<flags
  • peosversion:<major>.<minor>

Another DCC32 command line option not supported by DCCOSX is:

-K<addr> = Set image base addr

The Delphi compiler now ignores the {$STRINGCHECKS} directive, so the following is no longer in the command line help:


Displaying the Help

To display the help for the command-line compiler, run the compiler with the -h switch:

dccosx -h

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