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For C++ only, the Project Manager allows any file entry in the project to be arranged and displayed in an arbitrary grouping of your choice called a virtual folder. These folders persist in the project file and make no reference to the file's actual location on disk.

Virtual folders can only contain file system entries or other virtual folders. Virtual folders can be reordered within the project, be renamed, and be deleted. Deleting a virtual folder does not delete the contained files--they simply resume their normal Project Manager location prior to their inclusion in the virtual folder.

Note that changing the order of entries in a virtual folder changes the build order of the contained buildable entries. In general, the order files appear in the project manager specifies the order in which they are built. All files that are processed by a tool are built in batches - each type is done separately. The file type processing order is:

  • Delphi (.pas)
  • C/C++ (.c/.cpp)
  • Assembler (.asm)
  • Resource (.rc)

In other words, all Delphi files are compiled first, then C/C++ files in the order they appear in the project manager, and so on.

You can drag any file entry in the Project Manager into and out of any virtual folder in the project. You can also right-click a virtual folder and use the context menu commands to add items to the virtual folder.

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