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Go Up to Pattern Management

Pattern Organizer context menu > New Shortcut (or: Assign Pattern)

The Pattern Registry stores the set of patterns. To view patterns stored in the Pattern Registry, use the Pattern Registry viewer. In the Pattern Registry viewer, you can filter patterns by category, metaclass, diagram type, language, or status of registration and view pattern properties.

The Pattern Registry viewer can be opened from the Pattern Organizer context menus, using the New Shortcut command when you create a new shortcut or using the Assign Pattern command when you assign a pattern to a shortcut.

The Pattern Registry viewer has the following panes:

  • Filters
  • Patterns
  • Pattern Properties
  • Pattern Description

Filters -- pane

The Filters determine which patterns to display in the Patterns pane. The Filters provide the following set of filtering options:

Option Description


The available options are: Class, Link, Member, Other, All.


This option filters patterns by status of registration:

  • All - all existing patterns.
  • Already - the patterns assigned to shortcuts.
  • None - the patterns not assigned to shortcuts.


This option filters patterns by the container metaclass.

Diagram Type

This option filters patterns that pertain to the selected diagram type.


This option enables you to filter out language-specific patterns. Possible values are: Delphi, C++, Design.

Patterns -- pane

The Patterns pane displays the table showing the names and types of available patterns.

Pattern Properties -- pane

The Pattern Properties pane displays the properties of the pattern selected in the Patterns table.

Pattern Description -- pane

The Pattern Description pane displays a short description of the pattern selected in the Patterns table.


Button Description


Click this button to search for patterns throughout your storage and update the Pattern Registry.


Saves the filtering settings and closes the window.


Closes the window.


Displays this page.

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