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The Metropolis UI styles supported by FireMonkey include basic styles for controls (such as cancelbutton for a TButton), as well as specific styles for Metropolis UI applications (such as Metropolis UI Dark). This topic describes how to use a control's StyleLookup property to select the style of the control from available preset designs.

To change the style of a control to a specific Metropolis UI style

  1. From the Tool Palette, add a FireMonkey control that supports Metropolis UI styles, such as TButton, TLabel, or TPanel.
  2. In the Object Inspector, select the control and click the down-arrow in the StyleLookUp property.
  3. Choose any value from the dropdown list associated with the StyleLookup property in the Object Inspector. The list includes a preview image for each item. The specific style for a control can define a fixed size, font and behavior for the control.

For example, the following screenshot shows only a portion of the many StyleLookup choices (styled buttons with icons) that are available for a Metropolis UI style TButton:


StyleLookup Choices for Metropolis UI FireMonkey Styles

The following table summarizes the various Metropolis UI StyleLookup choices available for specific FireMonkey controls:

FireMonkey Control and Description of StyleLookup Choices Associated StyleLookup Values

TButton and TSpeedButton

A collection of buttons with Metropolis UI style icons for toolbars.

These buttons have a fixed size. Some buttons have two versions -- one version with no text or label, and another version with text or a label, as indicated in their names.

addbutton, addbuttontext, applybutton, applybuttontext, backbutton, backbuttontext, buttonstyle, buttonstylelabel, cancelbutton, cancelbuttontext, cleareditbutton, closebutton, closebuttontext, colorbuttonstyle, commandbutton, commandbuttonlabel, contactsbutton, contactsbuttontext, cornerbuttonstyle, documentbutton, documentbuttontext,dropdowneditbutton, editbutton, editbuttontext, ellipseseditbutton, flipviewbottombutton, flipviewleftbutton, flipviewrightbutton, flipviewtopbutton, flyoutbutton, flyoutbuttonlabel, forwardbutton, gearbutton, gearbuttontext, helpbutton, helpbuttontext, homebutton, homebuttontext, listitembutton, listitembuttonlabel, mutebutton, mutebuttontext, nextbutton, nextbuttontext, numberbutton, numberbuttonlabel, passwordeditbutton, pausebutton, pausebuttontext, photobutton, photobuttontext, playbutton, playbuttontext, priorbutton, priorbuttontext, pushbutton, radiobuttonstyle, refreshbutton, refreshbuttontext, removebutton, removebuttontext, retrybutton, retrybuttontext, roundbutton, roundbuttonlabel, savebutton, savebuttontext, searchbutton, searchbuttontext, searcheditbutton, speedbuttonstyle, speedbuttonstylelabel, spineditbutton, spinrightbutton, tilebutton, tilebuttondescriptionlabel, tilebuttonfixed, tilebuttonlabel, tilebutton, tilebuttondescriptionlabel, tilebuttonfixed, tilebuttonfixedlabel, tilebuttonlabel, tilebuttonnamelabel, tilebuttontitlelabel, toolsbutton, transaprentcirclebuttonstyle, trashbutton, trashbuttontext, videobutton, videobuttontext, volumebutton, volumebuttontext


A collection of Metropolis UI style labels.

Some labels have two versions -- one version with no text or label, and another version with text or a label, as indicated in their names.

buttonstylelabel, calendarlabelstyle, commandbuttonlabel, flipviewtitlelabel, flyoutbuttonlabel, flyoutlabel, flyouttitlelabel, griditemsubtitlelabel, griditemtitlelabel, gridpanelitemsubtitlelabel, gridpanelitemtitlelabel, gridpaneltitlelabel, gridsubtitlelabel, gridtitlelabel, labelstyle, listitembuttonlabel, numberbuttonlabel, pageheaderlabel, pagesubheaderlabel, roundbuttonlabel, speedbuttonstylelabel, tilebuttondescriptionlabel, titlebuttonfixedlabel, tilebuttonlabel, tilebuttonnamelabel, tilebuttontitlelabel, toolbarlabel, tooltiplabel


calloutpanelstyle, checkedpanel, flipviewpanel, flyoutpanel, gridpanel, gridpanelitemsubtitlelabel, gridpanelitemtitlelabel, gridpaneltitlepanel, grouppanel, panelstyle, tooltippanel


  • The commandbuttonlabel value of the StyleLookup property for TLabel can change states. To implement:
    1. Move a TLabel control inside a TButton control.
    2. Set the following properties:
    As a result, you can have a button with an unlimited number of text objects (TLabel controls).
    Use these same steps for label styles such as "tilebutton" and "tilebuttonfixed" too (TButton).
  • Flip Buttons: A "flipview" is a scrollable Windows 8 control that lets you flip through a collection of items, one at a time. Scroll buttons for a "flipview" style TButton control include the following:









These flip buttons, typically placed at the edge of the form, provide the flip mechanism for a flipview at run time. The buttons should bring the next item into view. (If necessary, clear the Name field so that the button has only the glyph without text.)
  • Tile Buttons: These special buttons look like Windows 8 tiles and have fixed sizes: tilebutton, tilebuttondescriptionlabel, tilebuttonfixed, tilebuttonlabel, tilebuttonnamelabel

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