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TForm is the key class for creating GUI applications. When you open a default project or create a new project, a form appears in the Form Designer on which you can begin your UI design.

That first form you create and save in a project becomes, by default, the project's main form, which is the first form created at run time. As you add forms to your projects, you might decide to designate a different form as your application's main form. Also, specifying a form as the main form is an easy way to test it at run time, because unless you change the form creation order, the main form is the first form displayed in the running application.

To change the project main form

  1. Choose Project > Options and select the Forms page.
  2. In the Main Form combo box, select the form you want to use as the project's main form and choose OK.

Now if you run the application, the form you selected as the main form is displayed.


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