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Using the Calendar Picker

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TCalendarPicker provides a date selector drop-down menu for applications. TCalendarPicker fully supports VCL styling for Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows.

With the TCalendarPicker control, you can select a single date from a popup calendar that resembles the TCalendarView UI.

Drop-down Calendar Picker

Click the TCalendarPicker control to open the calendar.

Customizing TCalendarPicker

TCalendarPicker has most of the same functionalities and settings the TCalendarView component has.

To modify the look-and-feel of the TCalendarPicker control and the calendar it displays, you can use the same settings described in the Using the Calendar View page, except for the SelectionMode property, which is always set to Single, preventing the user to select multiple dates from the calendar.

The properties you can modify are the following:

Note: The Changing styles procedure applies the selected VCL Style to both the drop-down menu and the calendar pop-up.

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