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The BitmapLinks Editor allows you to load and use your own bitmap files to customize a control for a selected platform. The only restriction: for a control, all the bitmaps have to be in the same image file.

The BitmapLinks Editor shows the default png files for the selected platform style. The default image files cannot be deleted.

Use the BitmapLinks Editor at design time to edit the TBitmapLink type properties of buttons.

Opening the BitmapLinks Editor

To open the BitmapLinks Editor:

  1. Open the FireMonkey Style Designer.
  2. In the Structure view, select the StyleObject node that appears in the tree, under the control layout.
  3. In the Object Inspector, go to a property of type TBitmapLink, such as FocusedLink or HotLink, and select ProjectOptionsEllipsis.jpg.

The BitmapLinks Editor opens.

The BitmapLinks Editor User Interface

Button BitmapLink Editor.png

Note: This image shows the default png files for the Windows 10 platform style.

Item Description

Zoom In

Enlarges the bitmap.

Zoom level

Displays the current zoom level. 400% is the default value.

Zoom Out

Reduces the bitmap.


Closes the BitmapLinks Editor.


Shows the coordinates of the selection in the bitmap.

Images panel

Button Description

BitmapLinks Editor Open.png

Opens a dialog box to select a bitmap file to load.

BitmapLinks Editor Delete.png

Deletes the selected bitmap.

The default bitmaps that come with the different platform styles cannot be deleted.

Note: The cross is grayed when deleting is not available.

BitmapLinks Editor Edit.png

Opens the MultiResBitmap Editor to edit the properties of multi-resolution bitmaps.

Links panel

Lists all the editable BitmapLink properties of the component.

Resolutions panel

Shows the scale resolution of the selected link.

Preview panel

Shows a preview for the selected bitmap.

Note: For more information and instructions on how to customize the button styles, see Tutorial: Using the BitmapLinks Editor.

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