COFF2OMF.EXE, the Import Library Conversion Tool

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COFF2OMF converts a COFF import library file <InputFile> to a corresponding OMF import library file <OutputFile>. COFF2OMF.EXE is located in the RAD Studio \bin directory.

Command-Line Syntax

Coff2Omf [<options>] <InputFile> <OutputFile>

Command-Line Elements

Element Description


Command-line options. They are optional.


Defines a COFF import library file to be converted. This file should be specified.


Defines the name for the output OMF import library file. This file should be specified.

To display command-line help, enter:


COFF2OMF converts the publicly exported symbols in the COFF import library into a corresponding set of symbols in the OMF import library. COFF2OMF enables C++Builder users to link to Microsoft and other third-party DLLs that use the COFF format. COFF2OMF does not convert .OBJ files.

Run the COFF2OMF tool on a COFF import library created for a specific DLL and use the resulting import library to link OMF format EXEs and DLLs to the COFF DLL.

Command-Line Options

COFF2OMF.EXE supports the command-line options listed in the following table:

COFF2OMF Command-Line Options

Option Description

-h or -?

Displays help.


Quiet mode. Converts without writing information to standard output.


Dumps selected symbols. Dumps the converted symbols to standard output, which can be redirected to an output file.


Removes (deletes) output file if empty. Deletes the output file if there is an error and the conversion results in an empty file.


Specifies options for OMF import library generation. The xx options can be:

  • ms -- Allow entries that have MS C++ name mangling. (The default is no.)
  • st -- Normalize names instead of aliasing MS stdcall mangling.
  • ca -- Do not perform MS cdecl aliasing. (Default is to alias.)