COM+ Event Object Wizard

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Go Up to File Menu

File > New > Other...

The COM+ Event Object wizard creates a COM+ event object that can be called by a transactional server to generate events on clients. Because the project for a COM+ object can only contain other COM+ objects, you may be prompted to start a new project when you launch this wizard.

Item Description


This is the name of your COM+ event object. Server objects that generate COM+ events create an instance of this object and call its events, which COM+ dispatches so that they fire on registered clients.


This is the name of the interface that defines the event handlers for all events managed by the COM+ event object. It is implemented by client event sinks, which means the wizard does not generate an implementation unit.


Optionally, enter a brief description of your event objects so that clients can easily understand the purpose of the events.

When the COM+ Event Object wizard exits, you can define the methods of the generated interface using the Type Library editor. When defining this interface, the following rules must be followed:

  • All method names must be unique across all interfaces of the event object.
  • All methods must return an HRESULT value.
  • The modifier for all method parameters must be blank.