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A cool bar contains child controls that can be moved and resized independently. Each control resides on an individual band. The user positions the controls by dragging the sizing grip to the left of each band.

The cool bar requires version 4.70 or later of COMCTL32.DLL (usually located in the Windows\System or Windows\System32 directory) at both design time and runtime. Cool bars are Windows-only.

  • The Bands property holds a collection of TCoolBand objects. At design time, you can add, remove, or modify bands with the Bands editor.
    • To open the Bands editor, select the Bands property in the Object Inspector, then either double-click the Value column to the right, or click the ellipsis (...) button.
    • You can also create bands by adding new windowed controls from the palette.
  • The FixedOrder property determines whether users can reorder the bands.
  • The FixedSize property determines whether the bands maintain a uniform height.

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