Developing Applications with C++Builder

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Go Up to Programming with C++Builder

C++Builder is an object-oriented, visual programming environment to develop 32-bit applications for deployment on Windows. Using C++Builder, you can create highly efficient applications with a minimum of manual coding. C++Builder provides a suite of Rapid Application Development (RAD) design tools, including programming wizards and application and form templates, and supports object-oriented programming with a visual framework, which includes objects that encapsulate the Windows API as well as other useful programming techniques.

This chapter briefly describes the C++Builder development environment and how it fits into the development life cycle. The rest of this manual provides technical details on developing general-purpose, database, Internet and Intranet applications, creating ActiveX and COM controls, and writing your own components.

This chapter contains information about C++ programming for 32-bit Windows; however, most of this information is true for 64-bit Windows, and also for multi-device applications. (See Considerations for 64-bit Windows Application Development and C++ Considerations for Multi-Device Applications.)