E0005 Directory does not exist: 'path'

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This error occurs when you run the Platform Assistant client and you specify a path to a source directory that does not exist when using any of the following command line options:

  • -g or --get
  • -u or --put

If you use -g or --get, you only get this error message if you set an error number, with the -e or --error command-line option, that is at least as high as the number of missing files. The default value is 20, so unless you try to get at least 20 files at once that do not exist, you cannot get this error. You can use the command-line parameter -e1 to make the Platform Assistant client throw this error even if only one file is missing.

The Platform Assistant client only considers paths to directories whose paths end in a path separator character, either / or \. If you specify a path to a non-existing directory and the specified path does not end in any of these two characters, you get the error message "E0004 File does not exist: 'path'" instead.

For more information, run the Platform Assistant client either with the -? or with the --help command-line option to see the command-line help.

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