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Go Up to User Interface

Tools > Options > User Interface > Explorer

Use this page to control the behavior of the Structure view and Project Manager.

Note: Right-click an item in the Structure view and choose Properties to display this page as a separate Explorer Options dialog box.
Item Description

Highlight incomplete class items

Displays incomplete properties and methods in bold in the Structure view .(Not applicable for C++ development.)

Show declaration syntax

Displays the syntax and type of methods or properties. By default, only the names of code elements are displayed in the Structure view . (Not applicable for C++ development.)

Explorer Sorting: Alphabetical

Lists source elements alphabetically in the Structure view .

Explorer Sorting: Source

Lists source elements in the order in which they are declared in the source file.

Class Completion: Finish incomplete properties

If you write a property declaration, completes the remainder of the declaration for reading and writing that property. If unchecked, class completion applies only to methods. (Not applicable for C++ development.)

Explorer categories

Controls how source elements are categorized in the Structure view or Project Manager. If a category is checked, elements of that type are grouped under a single node in the tree diagram.If a category is unchecked, each element in that category is displayed independently on the trunk of the diagram. The folders in bold take precedence when a conflict exists and an element can appear in two folders. For example, a private field would be listed in the private folder if both Private and Field were checked.If a folder is checked, the glyph to the right of the check box shows whether the folder is expanded. Click there to expand or close a folder in the Structure view. The change goes into effect when you click OK.