Exporting Results of Audits

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In Delphi projects, you can export results of Audits to an XML or HTML report file to share them with team members or review them later. Notice that results of Audits in the Audits pane show only violations in processed audits.

To save violations of Audits in a report file

  1. In the table in the Audits pane, select the rows containing violations of Audits to save in the report file.
Use CTRL+mouse clicks to select multiple violations of audits.
Do not select anything if you want to save the entire list.
  1. Click the Saves Audits results Save button on the toolbar.
  2. In the Save Audits Results dialog box, use the Select View list button to choose the scope of results of Audits to export:
    • All Results—Saves all the results of Audits from the current tabbed page.
    • Selected Rows—Saves all the selected results of Audits.
    • Active Group—Saves the results of Audits from the selected group. Available when the results of Audits are grouped.
  3. In the Select Format list button, select the format for the report file to store the selected violations of audits:
    • XML—Generates an XML format report file.
    • HTML—Generates an HTML format report file. This selection activates the following check boxes:
      • Add Description—Saves descriptions of audits in a separate file with hyperlinks to the descriptions from the report file.
      • Launch Browser—Opens the generated HTML report file in the default viewer.
  4. In Select the Destination, specify the filename and path of the file to store the report.
  5. Click Save to save the selected violations of audits in the specified report file.

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