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Go Up to Language Options

Tools > Options > Language > HTML Options

Use this dialog box to specify preferences for editing HTML on the Designer.

Item Description

Show grid

Displays a grid of dots on the Designer to aid in aligning controls.

Snap to grid

Automatically aligns controls on the Designer to the nearest grid line as you move the control.

Grid size

Sets grid spacing in pixels along the x- and y-axis. Specify a higher number increase grid spacing.

Render HTML controls using Windows theme (requires Windows XP)

Applies the current Windows theme to HTML controls on the Designer page (if you have Windows XP installed and a theme enabled). This is useful for determining the effect of a theme on controls at design time. At run time, the user's theme settings determines how the controls are displayed.

Insert DIV tag when Return key is pressed (default is P tag)

Inserts a <DIV> tag to indicate a division or section in the HTML file when you press ENTER. Otherwise, a <P> tag is inserted, indicating a paragraph.

Default page layout

Sets the positioning of added components. Flow Layout: When a component is dropped, it is positioned in a top to bottom, left to right fashion, flowing similarly to text in word processing. Grid Layout: Components are positioned using absolute x- and y-coordinates.

Highlight designer element when editing in the tag editor

Highlights the HTML control on the Designer when the corresponding tag is edited in the tag editor.

Select highlight color

Activated when Highlight Designer element when... is checked. Clicking this button displays a color picker for the HTML control highlight color. Default is yellow.


Similar to Web Forms. Indicates what is displayed in the edit window when creating a Web document. Designer: Displays a WYSIWIG designer. Markup Editor: Displays a code editor for markup, such as HTML or ASP code.

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