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Go Up to File Menu

File > New > Other... > New COM Object

The Interface Selection wizard is accessed by clicking the List button on the New COM Object wizard. The Interface Selection wizard lets you select a predefined dual or custom interface that you want to implement with a COM object you are creating. The selected interface becomes the default interface of the newly created COM object. The COM object wizard adds skeletal method implementations for all the methods on this interface to the generated implementation unit. You can then fill in the bodies of these methods to provide an implementation of the interface.

Warning: The Interface Selection wizard does not add the interface to your project's type library. This means that when you deploy your object, you must also deploy the type library that defines your interface of the object.

Item Description

Interface list

The wizard lists all the interfaces defined in registered type libraries. You can select any dual or custom interface from this list. Each interface is prefixed with the name of the file that contains its type library. This can be an executable (.exe), a library (.dll or .ocx), or a type library file (.tlb).

Search GlassSearch

Enter a search string. The interface list automatically includes only those interfaces that match your search string. Click X to clear the search string.

Add Library

If the desired interface is in a type library that is not currently registered, click the Add Library button, navigate to the type library that contains the interface you want, and click OK. This registers the selected type library and refreshes the interface list in the Interface Selection wizard.