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Go Up to Modeling Options

Tools > Options > Modeling > (level) > Model View

Here (level) is used to specify that the Model View options page can be selected in the Project Group and Default branches of the Modeling options tree. (See Hierarchical Levels of Modeling options in the Modeling Options dialog box topic for more information.)

The Model View options control how diagram content is displayed in the Model View.

Model View options

Option Description and default value

Show links

True—the Model View shows links between nodes. Otherwise links are hidden.
The default is False.

Sorting type

Defines the type of sorting (ordering) elements in the Model View.
Possible values are Alphabetical, Metaclass, None.
The default is Metaclass.

View type

Defines how to organize items in the Model view:

  • Diagram-centric—design elements are shown in their respective diagrams. Only classes, interfaces, and other source-code elements are shown in respective namespaces.
  • Model-centric—all elements are shown under namespaces.
  • Simplified—the default is Simplified.

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