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Go Up to Modeling Options

Tools > Options > Modeling > (level) > Generate Sequence Diagram

Here (level) is used to specify that the Generate Sequence Diagram options page can be selected in the Project, Project Group, and Default branches of the Modeling options tree. (See Hierarchical Levels of Modeling options in the Modeling Options dialog box topic for more information).

The Generate Sequence Diagram options control the generation of sequence diagrams from the source code of methods.

The options specified here are used as the default set of options in the Generate Sequence Diagram dialog box.

Generate Sequence Diagram options

Option Description and default value

Call depth

During source code parsing, this value limits how deep the parser traverses calling sequences.
The default is 20.

Exclude messages to self

Defines whether to skip messages sent by an object to itself on the generated sequence diagrams.
True—do not show messages sent by an object to itself.
The default is False.

Exclude property accessors

Defines whether to skip implementations of property accessors.
The default is False.

Hyperlink method and diagram

Defines whether to hyperlink a method and the sequence diagram to be generated.
The default is False.

Exclude repeated messages

Excludes repeated implementations of a method.
The default is True.

What messages to exclude as repeated

This option works only when the Exclude repeated messages option is True. Defines which repeated implementations of methods in objects of one class to show:

  • One object—shows only the first implementation of the method for each object of a class.
  • To all objects of a class—shows only the first implementation of the method only for the first object of a class.

The default is To all objects of a class.

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