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Go Up to Modeling Options

Tools > Options > Modeling > (level) > Source Code

Here (level) is used to specify that the Source Code options page can be selected in the Project, Project Group, and Default branches of the Modeling options tree. (See Hierarchical Levels of Modeling options in the Modeling Options dialog box topic for more information.)

The Source Code options define parameters of real-time synchronization between UML models and source code.

Source Code options

Option Description and default value

[C++] Rename files of class at class renaming

This option is used only for C++ modeling projects.

  • True—when you rename a class in the Diagram View or Model View, the source file containing the class code is renamed accordingly.
  • False—the file renaming can happen only once.
When you create a class, the file containing this class is created concurrently. If you change this class name during the first activation of the in-place editor, then the filename is changed accordingly. However, following renaming of the class will not change the name of the file containing this class.

The default is False.

Autocreate dependency links

True—the dependency links are drawn automatically on diagrams.
To be implemented, this option requires the project to be reopened.
The default is False.

Automatically maintain namespace folder structure

  • True—new classes will be created in subfolders.
The structure of these subfolders is detected using the existing folder tree, if any.
For new namespaces, new subfolders are created.
  • False—new classes are created in the project root folder.

The default is True.


Specifies the character encoding to be applied to source code files.
System default sets the current OS encoding.
The default is System default.

Use cache

True—the parsing results are stored in the cache.
When you reopen a project, the IDE tries to retrieve the parsing information from the cache, which can significantly improve performance.
The default is False.

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