Mouse Cursor Constants

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This topic lists all mouse cursor constants that can be used within the VCL. Definitions for these mouse cursor constants are listed at Controls Constants.

Constant Description
crAppStart Identifies the default cursor.
crArrow Identifies an arrow cursor.
crCross Identifies a cross cursor.
crDefault Identifies the default cursor.
crDrag Identifies a drag cursor.
crHSplit Identifies a horizontal split cursor.
crHandPoint Identifies a pointing hand cursor.
crHelp Identifies a help cursor.
crHourGlass Identifies an hourglass cursor.
crIBeam Identifies a text insert cursor.
crMultiDrag Identifies a multiple item drag cursor.
crNo Identifies a not allowed cursor.
crNoDrop Identifies a not allowed to drop cursor.
crNone Identifies an invisible cursor.
crSQLWait Identifies an SQL wait hourglass cursor.
crSize Identifies an obsolete cursor.
crSizeAll Identifies a size in all directions cursor.
crSizeNESW Identifies a North-East to South-West sizing cursor.
crSizeNS Identifies a vertical sizing cursor.
crSizeNWSE Identifies a North-West to South-East sizing cursor.
crSizeWE Identifies a horizontal sizing cursor.
crUpArrow Identifies an upwards pointing arrow cursor.
crVSplit Identifies a vertical split cursor.

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