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Use the Notebook editor to add, edit, remove, or rearrange pages in either a TabbedNotebook component or Notebook component. You can also use the Notebook editor to add or edit Help context numbers for each notebook page.

The Notebook editor displays the current pages of the notebook in their current order, and it also displays the Help context associated with that page.

To open the Notebook editor:

  1. Place a Notebook component or TabbedNotebook component from the Win 3.1 Component palette page on the form.
  2. With that component selected, do one of the following:
  • Click the ellipsis button in the Value column for the Pages property.
  • Double-click the Value column for the Pages property.


Click Edit to open the Edit Page dialog box, where you can modify the page name and Help context number for the selected notebook page.


Click Add to open the Add Page dialog box, where you can create a new notebook page.


Click Delete to remove the selected page from the notebook.

Move Up/Move Down

Click Move Up or Move Down to rearrange the order of the selected page or pages.

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