PAServer Path Outside the Sandbox Directory

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In the call to paclient.exe, you specified a path in a command-line option that is outside of the sandbox folder. This might happen with any option that expects a path inside the sandbox folder, such as --codesign or --put.

The name of the sandbox folder is <Username>-<ConnectionProfileName>. You will find this folder inside the scratch directory, on the system running the target instance of the Platform Assistant server.

You can specify the path for the target command-line option using either a relative path, which is relative to the sandbox folder, or an absolute path. Either way, the path must end up inside the sandbox folder.

These are some sample paths:

  • (valid)
  • /Users/username/PAServer/scratch-dir/Username-ConnectionProfileName/ (valid)
  • / (invalid)
  • ../ (invalid)
  • /Users/username/Downloads/ (invalid)

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