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Use the Picture editor to select an image to add to any of the graphic-compatible components and to specify an icon for your form.

To open the Picture editor:

  1. Place a graphic-compatible component (such as TImage) on the form.
  2. With that component selected, do one of the following:
  3. Click the ellipsis button in the Value column for properties (such as the Picture property of TImage) related to editing the picture.
  4. Double-click the Value column for properties related to editing the picture.

Note: To open the Picture editor from an Image component, you can also double-click the component on the form.

Picture editor commands

The Picture editor provides the following commands:


Display the Load Picture dialog box, where you can select an existing file to read into the Picture editor. For more information about loading images into the Picture editor, see the information on loading an image at design time.


Display the Save Picture As dialog box, where you can specify a directory and file name in which to store the image.


Remove the association between the current image and the selected component.

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