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Go Up to GUI of Audits and Metrics

Audits pane > Print button

To open the Print Audits dialog box, open the Audits pane and click the Print Print button.

This dialog box enables you to print reports of Audits violations, selected in the Audits pane, to the specified printer.

The dialog box provides the following controls:

Item Description

Select View

Use the Select View list button to choose the scope of Audits violations to print.
The Audits pane displays the calculated audit violations in the tabbed pages. You can group and ungroup the audit violations using the Group by command on the context menu. The possible Select view options are:

  • All Results -- Prints all Audits results from the current tabbed page.
  • Selected Rows -- Prints all selected audit violations. You can select single or multiple rows in the Audits pane.
  • Active Group -- Prints audit violations from the selected group. This option is available only if the Audits results have been grouped in the Audits pane using the Group by menu command.

Print zoom

Type a zoom factor for the printout. By default, the zoom factor is set to 1.

Fit to page

Check this check box to print all the selected audit violations on a single page. If checked, the Print zoom option is disabled.


Click the down arrow to show or hide the Preview pane to view the print preview image. The preview shows how the printout will look, given the current values of the Print zoom, Fit to page, Preview zoom, or Auto preview zoom parameters.

Preview zoom

Use the Preview zoom slider to set the preview zoom. The current value of the zoom factor is displayed between the Preview zoom title and the slider.

Auto preview zoom

Check this check box to fit the print preview image to the Preview window.


Click the Print button to send the report with the selected audit violations to the default printer.
Click the down arrow on the Print button to open the menu and choose the Print dialog command. The standard Print dialog box opens. It enables you to configure the printer options.

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