Sharing Files Between Your PC and Your Mac

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You can configure a Windows folder shared between the PC and the Mac. Windows file sharing is available for local and remote folders using the Share with command (Windows 7 and Windows 8), available on the context menu for folders in Windows Explorer.

To share a folder on the Mac with your Windows system

On the Mac:

  1. Open System Preferences > Sharing. The Sharing page opens.
  2. Enable the File Sharing option from the left-hand list of options.
  3. Under Shared Folders, click +. On the dialog that opens, select a folder and click Add to add it to the list of shared folders.
  4. Click Options. On the dialog that opens, enable "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)", and click Done.

On Windows:

  1. Open a file browser window (Windows Explorer).
  2. On the path field, on the top of the window, type two backslashes (\\) followed by the IP address or hostname of the Mac, and press Enter. For example: \\
    Tip: The Sharing window on the Mac displays both your Mac IP address and hostname (computer name).
  3. Windows Explorer shows you the list of folders shared on the Mac. You can access your shared folder from there.

Alternatively, you can use a network file server, such as an FTP server.

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