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USc 2011/12/07: I see that at least the following extensions are missing:

  • .fmx = FireMonkey form file
  • .lfm = FireMonkey iOS form file
  • .local (.dproj.local) = (I am not certain what it can contain, but it contains at least transactions on project files like a file rename)
  • .otares = file with unknown resources generated during upgrade of pre XE2 projects (Unknown resources are resources that aren't included in the build configuration like version info, icon, manifest or styles)


Good catch, Uwe!

There is also .fmi (FireMonkey iOS file).

With dpr2xcode.exe, RAD Studio emits .xcodeproj (project file for the Xcode utility on the Mac).

We will add all of these (and any others that come to mind) in the next few days.

Many thanks for your input!

KrisHouser 22:40, 7 December 2011 (PST)

RAD-10423 Sorry! I don´t know where to ask my question. How could I append as the Target file extension a file extension 5 characters long to my project consisting in a dll but must end in "wfx64"? If I just typed it for a dll wich I need to end in .wfx64 it ignores and replace with ".dll" like this "filename.wfx64.dll"