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System.Math.EInvalidArgument is NOT "Floating-Point Exceptions" Please remove EInvalidArgument from this table.

For example, System.Math.SLNDepreciation will raise EInvalidArgument if integer type parameter Life is zero or negative.

In this case, Life is integer ( the number of years of useful Life of the asset ). and the period of life is not ZERO and negative number.

So EInvalidArgument is one of mathematical error exception, but is is NOT a floating-point (calculation) error exception.

--Tarisawa (talk) 23:48, 17 February 2015 (PST)

Please use the following table.

Exception Class Description
System.SysUtils.EInvalidOp Undefined floating-point instruction,

invalid mathematical operation, For example, √(-1), atan(10), 0/0,

or Partial Loss of Precision

System.SysUtils.EZeroDivide Floating-Point Exception: Divide by 0
System.SysUtils.EOverflow Floating-Point Exception: Overflow
System.SysUtils.EUnderflow Floating-Point Exception: Underflow

--Tarisawa (talk) 02:48, 18 February 2015 (PST)