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question from the forums:

Towards the bottom of , there is code showing how to register a heavyweight callback. The code passes "mychannel" as the withChannel argument, but the description after the code states 'The example above registers a callback with the name "mycb01"'.

Is this description incorrect and the name should really be "mychannel", or is the name the result of the [DSCallbackChannelManager generateManagerID] message? If it is the latter, then I think the description should be changed to clarify this.

-- Cheers, David Clegg dclegg at gmail dot com


My apologies for such a late reply, but the issue has been fixed in the interim. Apparently, a paragraph was omitted in the original draft but has been restored.

Many thanks for your participation in the docwiki.

KrisHouser 10:49, 30 April 2012 (PDT)