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Revenue Generation Examples

I've been using Delphi since version 1 and up-to 2006. Now I am coding in Objective-C and I would LOVE to go back to Delphi. And I am self-employed, so I can choose to, any time. And I don't consider 1350$ for a professional, mobile-enabled, version as too expensive. I was actually planning to buy it, up until I downloaded the trial and rewrote one of my games in it. It took me a week to learn FireMonkey and write the game with an amazing result: it WORKS! iPad, PC, Mac, everything!

BUT, how do I generate revenue out of it?!

  • How do I make in-app purchases?
  • How do I show AdMob ads?
  • How do I show ChartBoost ads?

Only a "for profit" developer would buy a development tool. And you have not given any way for me to make a profit with your tool! You are now looking at a hardcore Delphi fan, walking away: you have done a compatibility miracle, but you forgot why you are doing it. Or you have failed to realize that mobile applications are centered around half a dozen revenue generation schemes, which you must easily support to make a mobile development tool.

Please fix the component library, adding the missing bits (how could you have not created a TInAppPurchase component, or something, with StoreID property, Purchase method and OnPaid and OnFailed events?! Surely In-App Purchases are used in 90% of all apps!!!).

Or (and this is the reason I am writing here) urgently create examples here, which will show us, fellow developers, how we will be able to reclaim the money, you are expecting us to invest in your tool, using sales and ads.

Regards, Yegor


We hear your suggestion, and are working to implement it in our help and in the product.

These features are on our product road map for FireMonkey XE6.

Many thanks for your contribution -

KrisHouser (talk) 09:26, 20 May 2013 (PDT)