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This topic covers the overall structure of a Delphi application: the program header, unit declaration syntax, and the uses clause.

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Note:_Strictly speaking, you need not explicitly use...

Additionally, a RAD Studio program may contain a namespaces clause, to specify additional namespaces in which to search for units. This topic is covered in more detail in the section Using Namespaces with Delphi.

Eh, what? Anyhow I have tried it, the compiler does not recognize namespaces keyword.

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For more information on the uses clause within a unit source file, see Unit References and the Uses Clause, below.

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variable that holds an instance of Vcl.Forms.TApplication, Web.WebBroker.TWebApplication, or Vcl.SvcMgr.TServiceApplication.

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finalization is accomplished by providing a procedure to the ExitProc variable.

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Hi Blaise - Thank you for correcting these errors in the text!

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