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Go Up to User Interface

Tools > Options > User Interface > Tool Palette

Use this dialog box to change the appearance of the Tool Palette.

Item Description

Button size

Changes the size of the icons that represent items on the Tool Palette. Choose from Small, Medium, or Large.

Show button captions

Displays captions along with item icons.

Vertical flow layout

Displays the categories vertically along the left side of the palette and does not include captions for the items in each category.

Vertical category captions

Displays the category name in a vertical strip alongside the items when a category in the Tool Palette is opened. Categories that contain only a few items do not have enough room for a vertical category caption.

Bold captions

Displays category captions in boldface.

Caption only border

Applies the Base color, Gradient color, and Text color values only to the category captions, not the entire category window. Set these options on the Tools > Options > Environment Options > Tool Palette > Colors dialog box.

Use +/- icons

Displays + (closed) and - (open) icons for category captions. When this option is off, double carets are displayed next to the category captions.

Auto collapse categories

Allows only one category to be expanded at a time.

Show button hints

Displays the hint that is associated with the highlighted item on the Tool Palette. The appropriate hint is displayed in a small popup window when the mouse passes over an item.

Persistent search filter

Retains the string entered in the Search field after you press Return (to insert the selected item into your form). When this field is not set, the string that you enter in the Search field is cleared when you press Return.

Always show designer items

Displays Designer items, even when the Code Editor is active (similar to Delphi 7 behavior). Uncheck this option to omit Designer items from the Tool Palette when the Code Editor is active.

Show palette wizards

Displays items from the New Items dialog box in the Tool Palette when the Code Editor is active or the Project Manager has focus. The New Items dialog box is also available by choosing File > New > Other.

Lock palette reordering

Disables drag-and-drop reordering of items on the Tool Palette.

Tip: As you change options in this dialog box, the Tool Palette is automatically updated to show the result of the changes.

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